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White Label vs Private Label: Which One Works Best for Your Brand?

One of the most frequent questions I get from friends and family who ask about Kria is, “where can I buy your products?” The answer is we’re everywhere! Kria Botanicals isn’t a retail brand, but we sell our products, with our customers’ labels and packaging, to dozens of CBD brands across the country. From pet care oils to complex botanical formulations, our products are everywhere, but you won’t see the Kria name on the bottle. Our role as a contract manufacturer is to put the focus not on us, but on your brand. 

From simple CBD blends to complex herbal formulations, we have the flexibility to provide our customers with the products they want to bring to market. Our customers generally choose one of two paths when working with Kria: white labeling or private labeling. This month we’re focusing on the differences between these two options, and suggestions for which strategy works best for your brand. 

White label CBD

Our white label CBD and CBG products are blends that Kria has developed for customers who are looking to bring a product to market as quickly and affordably as possible. A “white label” simply means that we take a product from our library of Kria blends, and we put your label on it. Kria doesn’t appear anywhere on the packaging, but the recipe is ours and the product is created and formulated by us. 

Here are some reasons why a brand would choose the white label CBD option: 

  • It’s easy. We’ve already done the work for you, by researching and developing formulas that we know are effective and taste great. From white label CBD for dogs to white label blends that contain a wide range of botanical ingredients, Kria can help you launch a product line with ease. 
  • It’s fast. Kria has nearly a dozen white label options for our customers. We provide samples and you choose which products you want to bring to market, with your product names and labels. 
  • It’s less expensive. Product development takes considerable time and expense, but we’ve already put in the R&D for our white label CBD products, which means that you only pay for the product, and not the development. Our white label offerings save you money. 

Private label CBD

A private label CBD or CBG product is one that we develop specifically for individual customers, or that our customers bring to us as a complete recipe. Just like with white labeling CBD, Kria’s name won’t be found on the packaging – it’s your product, your label, and your proprietary blend. The private label CBD option is great for brands that are passionate about creating an original product that contains their own unique formulation. Whether you’re a startup or an existing brand, you may choose to put a little more time, effort, and money into creating something that is uniquely your own. 

Our customers pursue private labeling for a variety of reasons: 

  • Market differentiation. When you work with us to develop a proprietary blend, you’re creating something unique in the market. There is literally an endless number of varieties of blends that we can create, and we customize to your specific needs. 
  • Focus on herbalism. We have invested heavily in the value proposition that customers are seeking wellness products that incorporate the full herbal apothecary. That’s why we have two full-time herbalists on staff, who work with our customers on their specific blend preferences and can ask questions not only about the benefits of different botanical extracts, but also their taste and smell profiles. 
  • Targeting the luxury market. Anyone paying attention to the growth of CBD over recent years can see that there are vast differences in price and quality of CBD products. Our private label customer brands are generally targeting luxury consumers who are looking for products that really stand out, even if they come at a higher price point. 

The process of developing private label products can take some time, depending on the specific desires of our customers. For a product development fee, we create samples, implement a multi-step tasting and evaluation process, and ultimately create a product that our customers own: they are proprietary blends that we don’t share with anyone, and don’t repurpose for other customers. We also have customers who not only know what they want, they’ve already created the recipe and compiled the ingredients, and we execute. 

Two great options, both focused on quality

Despite the differences between Kria’s white label CBD and private label CBD options, they each have a few key defining characteristics in common: 

  • All of our products are USDA certified organic. 
  • All of the hemp we use is grown by local farmers in our home state of Vermont. 
  • Low minimums. We know what it’s like to be a new business and to introduce new products to market, and we work with both our white label and private label customers to provide low minimum order requirements. 
  • High quality. Quality defines the Kria approach to contract manufacturing. We don’t take any shortcuts, with either our white label or private label offerings. 

Choosing the right contract manufacturer for your CBD brand is the single most important decision you’ll make. Whether you’re looking for white label CBD or private label CBD made to your specifications, Kria not only provides the highest quality, certified organic products on the market, we partner with you at every step of the process, from seed to shelf.

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