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Organic CBD Ingredients

Organic CO2 CBD Crude

Our certified organic CO2 crude is extracted in small batches at precise temperature and pressure settings. The result is a clean, full spectrum oil with strain-specific terpenes.

Organic Ethanol CBD Crude

Kria’s ethanol extraction process uses only food-grade, certified organic ethanol in a cryogenic extraction method that eliminates unwanted chlorophyll and waxes. This yields a cannabinoid-rich, full spectrum oil.

Organic CBD Distillate

Our distillate is a refined, certified organic concentrated extract that is light in color and has more neutral taste in finished products than crude extracts.

Organic CBG Crude & Distillate

Kria sources certified organic CBG hemp from Vermont farmers to create CBG crude and distillate. CBG has become increasingly popular with our partners brands, who are looking for opportunities to distinguish their products on the market.