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We are entering the Vermont recreational market!

We are thrilled to announce that Kria Botanicals, after working for years at the forefront of the Vermont hemp economy, will be entering Vermont’s recreational cannabis market when it opens this fall. Kria will serve as a contract manufacturer for retail THC cannabis brands, producing a wide range of products, from gummies and other edibles to pre-rolls and vape cartridges. 

Kria has been in business since 2018, but our work in the Vermont market goes back even further. In 2015, we were part of a group of Vermont entrepreneurs who created a detailed set of policy recommendations for a vibrant, cooperative Vermont cannabis economy. That report to the legislature, What Cannabis Can Do for Vermont, became the foundation of many aspects of Vermont’s current regulations related to cannabis legalization. We envisioned a market in which Vermont growers and entrepreneurs are prioritized over multinational corporate interests, and that emphasized the Vermont tradition of quality and agricultural excellence. 

We had high hopes for legalization passing back in 2015. When it didn’t pass, we pivoted to the hemp market, and developed the expertise in extraction, formulation, and product development that would directly serve us when prohibition finally ended in Vermont. In many ways, the setback of 2015 turned out to be a blessing: it gave us the opportunity to grow and scale a business right here in Vermont that was serving the national CBD market. We learned many valuable lessons along the way, and can now apply those lessons to the new recreational market. 

Above all, Kria’s experience has taught us that investing in quality, and investing in Vermont, pays off. As the first hemp processor in Vermont to receive USDA organic certification, Kria is obsessed with quality, from seed to final product. We’ve built relationships with farmers and growers over the years, creating a reliable, high quality supply chain that will serve us in both the hemp and cannabis markets. As the recreational cannabis market opens up this fall, Kria will not be scrambling to build supplier contracts, purchase equipment, or secure lab space. That hard work has already been done: our lab has been operational for years, it’s been audited by organic and kosher inspection teams, and it’s been inspected by state and local fire and health departments.  

For our current CBD brand customers, Kria’s entry into Vermont’s cannabis space won’t change much. In fact, we see our entry into the cannabis market as great news for our CBD customers, because we’ll be adding new product classes of both CBD and THC products, like chocolates and capsules, that we weren’t previously offering in the CBD space. We will keep producing finished CBD products for the national market, and keep working with our longtime customers to grow their brands and add product classes. As we scale our business, our obsessive focus on quality and customer service continues undiminished. 

So what can customers and prospective customers expect to get from partnering with Kria Botanicals in the new Vermont recreational market? Quality, customer service, and one-stop shopping. We create the highest quality products on the market, with your brand’s name and label, so you can focus on creating your brand and selling it. We offer a full suite of finished products, including: 

  • Gummies
  • Tinctures
  • Topicals
  • Capsules
  • Vape cartridges
  • Roll-ons
  • Pre-rolls
  • Packaged flower

As Vermont’s recreational market opens up, Kria is ready. In fact, we have been preparing for this moment for seven years, starting with our advocacy in the legislature, extending to our experience growing hemp for two seasons, and continuing with the growth of Kria Botanicals as a full-service contract manufacturing lab.  We can’t wait for October, but it’s coming soon – and if you have a cannabis brand, and you need the best products on the market, get in touch with Kria Botanicals today!

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