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THC Finished Products & Services


Kria’s THC tinctures represent our focus on bringing the herbal apothecary to the world of cannabinoids. Each blend was developed over years of research and product development, with adjustable dosages depending on our customer’s preferences.


Gummies are the fastest-selling category of edible products. Kria’s THC gummy collection offers over 100+ flavor choices and a range of dosing options.


Our vegan capsules are blended with coconut oil and provide a convenient method of cannabinoid delivery. 


Our pre-rolls are manufactured with quality in mind for a joint that’s perfectly rolled, crowned and ready to enjoy.

Packaged Flower

Kria offers packaging services for your THC flower.

Vape Cartridges

Kria’s concentrates include commodity THC distillate to premium, solventless hash rosin cartridges. We only fill premium hardware tanks with failure rates sub 1% and heavy metal testing to support clean components.