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The Kria Bottling and Labeling Process

One of the last steps before your new product is in hand is bottling and labeling. After your product is formulated and third-party tested, the bottling process can begin. Kria is lucky to have multiple bottling lines, which makes the process more efficient and precise. We work hard to ensure that the quality of your CBD product is top-notch and consistent for every batch. Sometimes, that means there is a lot of fighting with modern machinery. Automated filling and labeling lines require constant maintenance and care and feeding. The machines need to be cleaned after every use, and sensors and mechanisms need to be monitored for any wear and tear. However, every obstacle is worth it when a beautiful, quality product comes off the line. 

Production Precision

In the lab, the CBD oil is homogenized to ensure that every dropper of product is the right potency, and has the perfect taste. The batch then can move to the bottling line, where it is carefully poured into a holding bucket, waiting to travel through sanitized tubes to be bottled. Measures are taken at every step of the bottling process to ensure that no contaminants enter the product. Your product will pass through a 25-micron filter in the holding bucket, which filters out any unwanted particles so you can be sure that you are getting the purest possible product!

Any air bubbles are then very satisfyingly removed from the machine lines to ensure precise measurements of oil. We always start by calibrating the filler machine. This is done so that the bottle will be filled to the correct level, and each bottle will be identical with no oil wasted. This step also clears any final air bubbles that may have been trapped, which ensures the oil won’t spit out unevenly and splash oil on the bottles. The filling machine has sensors that count each bottle that goes through the lines. This way we can monitor how many bottles are being filled, and how many more we may need to fulfill your order. Once filled with oil, the bottles are then individually capped and tightened using a pressurized capping system. It is crucial that the cap is properly tightened so that no oil is able to spill during transportation. Capping is done immediately after filling to ensure no unwanted contaminants enter the bottle down the line. 

The Labeling Process

Once the bottles are securely capped, they move along the conveyor belt to be labeled. Labels come to us on large rolls, which we will feed through the machine in an intricate manner so each label comes off the roll without creases or bubbles. Occasionally the labeling machine likes to cause problems, so there is troubleshooting involved to get the labels looking perfect! A sensor will sense each bottle coming through the labeling line, and release the label at the correct moment to be wrapped around the bottle. If desired, the bottles can then be Lot Coded. A batch lot code, as well as an expiration date, can be printed in ink on the base of the bottle. This allows you and your customers to know how long the product is good for and provides an easy method of tracking batch records in relation to an order. We then have the option to shrink wrap the bottle caps. This shows your customers that the bottle is sealed properly and hasn’t been tampered with during transport or in stores. A thin plastic sleeve is put over the bottle cap and then heat sealed to fit the cap tightly. After that, the bottles are weighed to ensure proper fill levels, and are then ready to be put into boxes! We use 100 count cardboard sleeves to ensure that the bottle won’t scratch or move inside the boxes, then seal and label each box with its contents. 

Once the final product is packaged and ready to be shipped, our team places the shipping boxes onto a secure pallet, and then watches with satisfaction as our shipping partners send to every corner of the country the highest quality CBD products on the market!

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