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All In On Organic

In the spring of 2019, we were proud to become the first certified organic hemp processing facility in the state of Vermont.

Our commitment to organic growing practices is rooted in a belief that high quality hemp offers farmers in our home state of Vermont new opportunities to thrive. As hemp farms are springing up around the state and farms are transitioning away from other agricultural products, it’s been a priority of ours to help ensure that these changes are sustainable for farmers and the state. Purchasing and processing certified organic hemp allows us to pay a premium to our farm partners in the state. And organically grown plants are better for the long term health of our lands and people. As a phytoremediator, hemp absorbs and retains soil contaminants to a much higher degree than other plants, and these contaminants can be passed onto consumers. 

We’re also lucky to operate in a state with such long standing support of small scale, organic agriculture. The Northeast Organic Farming Association-VT, our local organic certifying body, has been a national leader in certifying hemp growers and processors. Vermont is one of only a handful of states to do this, and that has been a major factor in ensuring transparency and quality within the CBD supply chain.

Right now, there are many companies advertising ‘organically’ or ‘sustainably’ grown hemp for their retail products. But the reality is that, without the accompanying certification, there’s no way to ensure these claims. For our part, we want to be transparent with our consumers, and not get lost in a sea of murky quality claims. And it’s vital for us to ensure that our starting material is as clean and pure as possible. This includes the physical plant, but it also more broadly encompasses the other signifiers of a healthy industry, like fair compensation, racial and gender equity, environmental consideration, and strong relationships.

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